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Equipment: Marshall Stability Machine
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Others
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-12-10
Main Features:
Description: Marshall Stability machines are manufactured using quality material under the workmanship of our team. These machines are reasonably priced and are in compliance with industrial quality standards. Our machines offer desired performance and meet the client’s requirements exactly. The salient features are given below: Marshall load frame with 50 KN capacity ; Electrically operated ; Platen rate travel 50.8 mm/min ; Includes safety cut out switch with the machine ; Suitable for operation on 220 V single phases ; Compaction pedestal ; Compaction mold with collar and base plate ; Compaction hammer 4.5kg and 457mm fall ; Breaking head assembly ; Chrome plated ; Load transfer bar ; Specimen extractor (100mm diameter platen) ; Dial gauge 0.01mm x 25mm travel ; Proving Ring 25KN/30KN capacity (optional) with calibration certificate in teak wood carrying case .
Recipient: Mr. Dhanashekhar Company: Scientific & Engineering Equipment Co.
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